Get The Gadget!

Now you can get local events on your own site, customized to match your desired color scheme. Just enter the desired foreground and background colors, the number of items you wish to have displayed in the gadget, and any state or event type filters you'd like to use, in the form below, then click Get It!, and we'll generate the markup necessary to display the gadget.

Note that the width should be kept at approximately 160 pixels, but the height value is based on the number of items per page selected, and may need to be tweaked depending on the length of the title text of events. If the height is too small for the number of events displayed, the browser will render scroll bars on the iframe.

Background Color (HTML-style, no #):
Foreground Color (HTML-style, no #):
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Filter By Event Type:

Items per Page:
Text Alignment:

Gadget Markup:
(copy and paste into your page markup where you want the gadget to appear)